16th Jun 2022

Award winning Bowman Ales Standardises on Crest Pumps.


“The Best pump I’ve ever had!”- Ray Page, Head Brewer.


Bowman Ales Ltd has been operating since 2006 and has become one of Hampshire’s favourite micro-breweries. They take great pride and effort in brewing real quality ales that local patrons can enjoy in pubs all over the south. Even winning “Hampshire Beer of Year” for 2011, 2012 and 2013! They now bottle six of their beers; Swift One, Meon Valley Bitter, Wallops Wood, Quiver Bitter, Trebuchet and IPA.

In the middle of the large brewing floor, lies a small inconspicuous mag drive pump supplied from Crest in 2016. It has a simple job of pumping the beer water at <100’C from one tank to another. Since the 4 years it has been installed, Ray’s time and effort of having to find a new pump that actually lasts can now be better spent brewing their award-winning ales. While many micro-breweries come and go, Bowman Ales continues to be a staple of Hampshire and Crest are proud to support our defining local businesses!

 Industry: Brewing
 Liquid: Beer Water
 YOM: 2016


 Application: Beer Water Transfer
 Pump Model: AM50-TEARV
 Material: ETFE + CF



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