16th Jun 2022

CSS Plastic Vertical Pumps Used To Pump Waste Effluent From Bowmill’s Anodising And Chrome Plating Line.


Bowmill Metal Treatments provide a quality surface treatment service for the aerospace industry, and their products are upheld by their AS9100 Quality Management System with Lloyd’s accreditation and NADCAP processing approvals. Their processing capabilities extend to a wide and diverse range of treatment disciplines including, non destructive testing, anodising, cadmium plating and spray surface treatments.

Since 2011, Bowmill have been utilising Crest’s CSS Vertical Pumps on their Chrome Plating and Andodising Line. The waste effluent from the processes are drained into a sump where the pump sits. The Pump’s purpose is to pump the waste effluent away to be treated and disposed of. After almost 6 years of service, Bowmill have experienced no issues with the pump and are happy to rely on it for this critical task.

 Industry: Metal Treatment
 Liquid: Waste Effluent
 YOM: 2018


 Application: Effluent Treatment
 Pump Model: CSS20
 Material: PVC
 Motor: 1.5kW


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