16th Jun 2022

Scotland’s largest and oldest fishers choosing Crest Pumps for energy savings of over £636 per pump per annum without substituting flow or efficiency, as well as improving their ecological integrity.


Macduff Shellfish is one of Scotland’s oldest and most respected fisheries based in Aberdeenshire supplying over 140 countries globally. The company focuses on four areas of production, Scallops, Langoustines, Crabs and Whelks. 

Macduff were renovating their newly acquired fleet after taking over Saltire Seafoods, the largest scallop fishing fleet in the UK, operating out of Dumfries.

The ships needed all new process systems, emptying and circulating tanks where the fish were caught and stored. Macduff needed a set of 16 pumps that would be able to pump a large amount of solids through the pump continuously whilst keeping energy efficient on the ships.

We recommended and supplied the SHC 50-32-125 in a stainless steel construction with a Vortex impeller option.

The vortex model features a recessed impeller, meaning over 60% of the liquid does not come into contact with the impeller – making the pump highly suited for brine and shell particles being processed. 

To reduce energy consumption a 1.1kW motor was utilised for the duty and head required, down from the 2.2kW motors previously used. Saving £636 per pump per annum in energy costs.

The SHC pumps were supplied to Macduff 4 weeks after the original order date and supplied with spares kits to ensure minimal downtime in the future.

As a result of choosing Crest Pumps, Macduff Shellfish were able to reduce energy consumption from their production process and improve their ecological footprint, all whilst ensuring a smooth and efficient pumping of solids. 

Company Macduff Shellfish
Industry Marine
Application Brine and Shellfish Particle Mix
Capacity 15 m3/hr
Discharge Head 11 meters
Viscosity 1.1 cP
Model Supplied SHC 50-32-125 x16
Material Stainless Steel
Speciality Large Amount of Solids


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