16th Jun 2022

Generating usable power from a renewable source is an integral part of a new and sustainable energy supply. One way to produce environmentally friendly energy is using old and waste wood as fuel to generate electricity and usable heat


At Ridham Dock, MVV commissioned a highly modern and very efficient, combined heat and power (CHP) biomass power plant. CHP means the simultaneous production of electrical energy and usable heat. The heat energy from the CHP process is typically used in district heating systems and/or as process steam for industrial purposes. CHP uses a very high degree of the energy content of the fuel. The Ridham Dock plant, MVV will use about 172,000 tonnes of waste wood per year to generate almost 188 million kilowatt-hours of electrical energy. The plant has a net electrical capacity of 23 megawatts.

Crest Pumps provided its SVB pumps made from stainless steel construction – ensuring maximum corrosion resistance and capable of processing high temperature liquids at 85% efficiency. The pumps provided to MVV are manufactured with a vortex impeller, allowing for a high concentration of solid transfer.


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