16th Jun 2022

3 minutes until shutdown!! Crest’s CSS Plastic Vertical Pumps relied on to keep Twickenham’s precious metal plating line running.


“Nothing better on the market!” – Ian Saunders, Head of Site Maintenance


Established in 1947, Twickenham Plating delivers high quality technical plating services for industries throughout the world. The company offers a comprehensive range of finishes and can apply these on a variety of different substrates using sophisticated masking technologies for selective plating, or more conventional reel to reel, barrel, vat and rack plating. In addition to offering regularly requested finishes such as gold and silver, TPG offers specialist finishes such as palladium nickel, zinc nickel and electroless nickel.

It is on this line that two Crest CSS40 pumps are used to pump away the final treated effluent left over from the plating process. If the pumps were to fail, the plating solutions could not be replenished, and it would take 3 minutes before the plating line fails and the factory would have to shut down! In the last 10 years, Twickenham has relied on Crest to keep their line running without issue. 

 Industry: Precious Metal Plating
 Liquid: Final Treated Effluent
 YOM: 2016


 Application: Effluent Transfer
 Pump Model: CSS40
 Material: Polypropylene
 Motor: 7.5kW


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