Uniper Energy - CSS Range

8th Jan 2024

9 Years of Service! Crest’s CSS Plastic Vertical Pumps used to pump Hot Sulphuric Acid on Uniper’s Ammonia plant for almost a decade!


“The service supplied by Crest is very good. Our pumps were overhauled in quick time and came back with a full service report” - Tony Simpson – Uniper Boiler and SCR Engineer


Uniper Energy are an international energy company with around 11,000 employees. They operate a diverse portfolio of power and gas assets in the UK and deliver a range of energy products and services. From power production to gas supply, Uniper are always looking to the future and how they can make their plants operate more efficiently and how to provide power in a low carbon energy world. At their Soar Power Station in Ratcliffe, Crest’s CSS35 pumps are tasked with pumping a sulphuric acid effluent through a series of spray towers. This absorbs any ammonia in the air, allowing the rest to be safely vented to atmosphere. The system very environmentally friendly releasing little to no ammonia back to the atmosphere. The pumps have been operating efficiently for 9 years with periodic maintenance and have many more years to come!


INDUSTRY: Selective Catalytic Reduction
APPLICATION: Fume Scrubber
LIQUID: 20% Sulphuric Acid
YOM: 2011
MATERIAL: Polypropylene
TEMP: 50 - 65’C
MOTOR: 4.0kW



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