16th Jun 2022

Stainless Steel CSS Pumps Used for High Viscosity and Temperature.


“Because these pumps are a crucial part of the overall process, reliability is essential.” – John Spencer, Maintenance Team


Vallourec is the world leader in premium tubular solutions predominantly for the Oil and Gas industry. At the Belshill plant near Glasgow, phosphoric acid is used to coat the flange ends and prevent them from corrosion and rust.

These CSS pumps are used to recirculate the acid at high temperatures, but when the process is stopped, the phosphoric acid liquid cools and starts to solidify. John Spencer from the maintenance team remarked, “Previous pumps have failed when restarted, but the Crest Pumps have been really reliable”.

 Industry: Steel Pipe manufacturing for the Oil & Gas Industry
 Liquid: Phosphoric acid at 98°C
 YOM: 24m3/hr


 Application: Acid coating onto flange ends to prevent corrosion and rust
 Pump Model: CSS35
 Material: 316 Stainless Steel
 Motor: 2.2kW


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