A guide to Magnetic Drive Pumps

14th Aug 2023

What is a Mag Drive Pump?

A magnetic drive pump is a type of pump that uses a magnetic coupling to transmit power from the motor to the impeller. Unlike traditional pumps that use a direct drive shaft, a mag drive eliminates the need for a mechanical seal, which uses the method with a film of liquid covering the seal faces (this then has a greater chance of liquid leakage). The magnetic coupling allows the pump to operate without any physical contact between the driving and driven components, resulting in a hermetically sealed and leak-free design.


How does a mag drive work?

The centrifugal force driven by two rotating magnets rather than being directly coupled to a motor. The pump operates just like any other centrifugal pump with fluid entering the inlet of the pump and into the eye of the impeller. 

As the impeller rotates, the liquid accelerates between the vanes, gaining velocity and pressure until it exits at the outside diameter and directed to the pump outlet by the volute casing.

The impeller connects to the inner magnet and rotates around a shaft, the inner magnet then sits within the rear casing sealed to the front casing. 

Sat outside of the rear casing is the drive magnet which is then coupled to the electric motor. As the motor and therefore also the drive magnet rotates, the inner magnet also turns the impeller in line with the rotation of the drive magnet. 

The centrifugal force then allows the pump to operate without any risk of liquid leakage to the external atmosphere. 


Why choose a magnetic drive pump?

Mag drives have proved invaluable in many applications from chemical manufacturing to effluent disposal; brewing to renewable energy, and the trustworthiness of these mag drive pumps is a guarantee that their use will continue to grow. 

Our Crest Assoma range of plastic mag drive pumps are built to withstand tough condition that include toxic or corrosive applications, high temperatures, high pressures and explosive atmospheres. 


Here are a few benefits at a glance within our mag drive range. 

















The advantages of using plastic pumps are many fold:

  • Less expensive to manufacture so cheaper end prices for the customer.
  • Faster lead times.
  • Better corrosion resistance so giving a longer life.
  • Lighter in weight so being more manoeuvrable.

Plastics have come a long way in the past 50 years and are now readily available in bar from up to 500mm in diameter for Polypropylene, PVC, PVDF & Polyethylene. PTFE can be made in billet form and can be glass or carbon filled for better stability.

Crest Pumps have been manufacturing both horizontal and vertical pumps from engineered plastics since the early 1970's and are very experienced in specifying and supplying centrifugal pumps for aggressive and corrosive applications in chemical, effluent and water treatments, plating and anodising and associated industries. 





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