14th Jun 2016


AVF Canned Motor Pump

The AVF is a  canned motor pump which is the first-of-its-kind utilising a magnetic drive to deliver the highest efficiency in the market.

For customers looking to reduce their carbon footprint, the use of inverters to control the speed of process pumps has become common practice. The challenge however is that when an Inverter is added to control the pump the overall energy efficiency is reduced and the pump becomes bulky.

The new AVF canned magnetic drive pump leads the way in high efficiency, low energy pumping.

The AVF range are specifically developed to help customers achieve their energy conservation and carbon reduction goals. After in depth analysis and research into hydraulic, rotor, electrical and magnetic performance Crest are able to offer a seal-less permanent magnet canned motor structure to yield the highest efficiency pump possible.

Because the AVF range uses a permanent magnet rotor and there is no induced current, efficiency is increased by up to 20% and power consumption reduced by 50% or more compared to an induction motor.

Reduced size, reduced power consumption and reduced risk is also offered with the AVF seal-less canned motor design, as the motor stator provides direct drive to the pump’s rotor. Not only does this increase the overall efficiency of the pump, it also eliminates the need for an electric motor, meaning a reduced overall size and weight of the pump.

This pump is good news for reducing your operating costs given its efficiency whilst also reducing your cabon-footprint making your operation more eco-friendly.

Max Capacity Rate: 750 l/m (45m³/hr) Max Discharge Head: 28 meters Electricity consumption reduced by over 50% on average


  • Capacity to 750 l/m (45m3/hr)
  • Head to 25 Meters
  • Polypropylene/ETFE
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Patented Run-Dry capabilities
  • Seal-less and therefore LEAK-FREE
  • Ex-Stock Availability
  • Parts always in stock
  • Easy to Maintain – Parts can be replaced swiftly

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