26th Jan 2017
Be environmentally friendly

Be environmentally friendly

If we told you that we could save you money while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time, you might think it was fake news, to coin a current phrase, but you would be wrong.

The AVF range of seal-less, magnetic drive pumps do just that.

The AVF features a canned design with IE4 motor efficiency. This standard was set in place by the International Electrotechnical Commission as part of the effort to reduce energy consumption, and the AVF doesn’t let us down on this. Thanks to the permanent magnetic rotor with no induced current, efficiency is increased by an impressive 20% overall, and power consumption can be reduced by a whopping 50% or more!

We don’t need to tell you how that will positively affect your running costs, and to know that you are helping the environment too makes the AVF a win-win.

The AVF is 40% shorter than a traditional magnetic drive pump, meaning you save space, and is significantly lighter too.

It can be utilised in many processes, conforming as it does to the IP66 standard, which means that this range of pumps is sealed effectively from foreign bodies, such as dirt, dust, heavy seas or powerful jets of water. And all of this with a fan-less design that makes for a quieter operating level.

Crest’s AVF range of seal-less magnetic drive pumps conform with EMC, CE and Atex certification and its plastic brackets are unaffected by corrosive environments.

Read more about the AVF pump range here

So if you are looking to meet carbon reduction goals and want to save money at the same time, you need look no further. Give us a call on 01425 627700 or use our enquiry form to discuss your process and let our experts advise you. Our engineers are always willing to help!

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