William Blythe – PPS Range

William Blythe – PPS Range 2020-07-27T11:17:09+01:00

Project Description

“After working with Crest, and adapting to the individual circumstances in the process, the pump now performs well.” – Andy Morrison – Reliability & Maintenance Manager.

William Blythe Ltd, founded in 1845 in Accrington, Lancashire is one of the longest surviving chemical businesses in the UK. They started out as a manufacturer of inorganic chemicals for the local textile industry, and have grown to now deliver speciality chemical solutions to help meet the technological challenges of the 21st century. Whether it’s working on a Nano-scale, functionalisation’s f chemical modules, or precision engineering of the physical form of a chemical product, William Blythe’s scientific and engineering team can meet the toughest challenges head on.

At their site in Lancashire, William Blythe are utilising Crest’s PPS vertical pump to transfer Periodic Acid around an electrical cell. While is is simple on paper, the process causes crystal build up which is seriously detrimental to the Pump’s life. Crest and William Blythe went back to the drawing board, replaced the Polypropylene parts and made the entire pump out of PVDF instead. The pump can now handle the unique challenge of the applications and fits William Blythe’s ethos of “facing the toughest challenges head on!”

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