21st Aug 2014


The AMXI Range of plastic Mag Drive Pumps is built to an extremely high quality, manufactured to withstand tough conditions of high and low temperatures, high pressures and formidable corrosive applications. The efficiency of our AMXI range reduces energy consumption and operating costs, reducing your business’s energy bill as a result. By reducing energy consumption this pump is good news for reducing your operating costs as well as making the pump more eco-friendly.

The AMXI Mag Drive Pump is favoured in applications where the pump is installed outside as the AMXI are not susceptible to frost damage.

Max Capacity Rate: 850 l/m (51m³/hr) Max Discharge Head: 28 meters Best Efficiency: 70%



  • Capacity to 850 l/m (51m3/hr)
  • Head to 28 Meters
  • High Efficiency performance
  • Seal-less and therefore LEAK-FREE
  • Unique buffer system
  • ETFE Lined
  • Patented Run-Dry Protection
  • Easy to Maintain – Parts can be changed swiftly
  • Compact Body
  • Parts always in stock
  • Quiet Operating Level
  • Choice of Durable Materials

Patented Run-Dry Design

Running dry is one of the biggest causes of failure to pumps. With Crest’s plastic Mag Drive pumps range, the Patented Run-dry design will stop the pump failing when there is a problem in the production line, meaning less down time for your business.

High Efficiency Design

The AMXI plastic Mag Drive pumps range is one of the most efficient pump designs Crest offers, up to a 75% operating efficiency, reducing operating costs and energy consumption to your business. This technology can save you money whilst also making your operation more eco-friendly.

Unique Buffer System

The AMXI Mag Drive range offers a unique buffer system, designed to absorb vibrations and shock caused by adverse operating conditions. At the same time, the dynamic buffer is self-adjusting, allowing a better face to face contact between the thrust ring and the wear ring minimizing wear and increasing service life.

High Temperature Resistance

High temperature resistance means the AMXI range can pump a wide variety of different corrosive and caustic applications with ease and speed.

Leak-Free Design

Using the static sealing, instead of the traditional dynamic mechanical seal completely solves the problem of leakage, avoiding unnecessary clean up bills. Thus delivering more efficiency and smaller environmental impact.

Metallic Outer-casing

The metallic outer-casing ensures the pump can withstand the elements.

ETFE lining

The AMXI range comes lined with extremely corrosion resistant ETFE. Ensuring a quality build, that increases the service life of the pump.

No obsolete part policy

All of our pumps come with our No Obsolete Parts policy, meaning if you have a Crest made pump for 40 years, we will still be able to provide you with parts and an exact replacement to minimise disruption to your production line.

24 Month Warranty

With our magnetic drive pumps we offer as standard, 24 months warranty as an assurance to your business that the pump is quality built.
Due to the similar nature of the AMX and AMXi, please contact Crest Pumps Group direct for specific Peformance Curves and CAD Drawings.

Range Datasheet

AMXi Range Datasheet  

Performance Curves

AMXi 440 Performance Curve

AMXi 441 Performance Curve

AMXi 552 Performance Curve

AMXi 553 Performance Curve

AMXi 555 Performance Curve

AMXi 653 Performance Curve

AMXi 655 Performance Curve


General Arrangement Drawing

AMXI420 GA Drawing

AMXI441 GA Drawing

AMXI542 GA Drawing

AMXI543 GA Drawing

AMXI545 GA Drawing

AMXI653 GA Drawing

AMXI655 GA Drawing

Due to the similar nature of the AMX and AMXi, please contact Crest Pumps Group direct for specific Performance Curves and CAD Drawings.

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