16th Apr 2018
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It’s been 45 years since Les Dashwood founded the Crest Pumps Group!  His son Tony is now moving to semi-retirement, whilst Tony’s son, the third generation of the Dashwood family, James is taking over the helm.

James has a new strategic plan for Crest Pumps, planning to build upon the growth of Plastic Mag Drive and Stainless Steel pumps, which are perfect for chemical processing solutions in industry.

James and the Crest Pumps team are also developing the UK manufacturing side of the business with more efficient pumps and faster lead times.  The new strategy is based on improving customer service and delivering reliable, energy saving pumps to the customer quickly and efficiently.

Crest is also pleased to launch a re-brand and new website, which should allow for easier navigation and access to pump information and resources.

The new brand identity continues on the infinite theme of longevity and reliability, with a third loop added signifying the third generation of Dashwood's taking over the company and building for the future.

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