14th Feb 2019
mag drive process pump

mag drive process pump

Crest Pumps New Heavy-Duty Mag Drive Process Pumps

Crest is happy to introduce the new AME range of heavy-duty magnetic drive process pumps. Constructed from a high purity PFA lining. This makes them suitable for the most corrosive of applications even up to temperatures of 150degC. But two new design features are what makes these pumps truly heavy duty. This means a longer life resulting in less downtime and increased productivity.

The biggest concern with seal-less pumps made from engineering plastic has been the shaft support system. It must be strong enough to withstand the radial forces during operation. Under high temperatures and pressures, the shaft support can weaken, resulting in vibration and wear and thus greatly reducing the pump’s life.

The AME’s double-ended shaft support is stronger than any other with an integral ‘V’ shape front support that is part of the metal casing armour and then PFA lined. Not only is this stronger to ensure a longer service life. It also improves the liquid flow to the impeller increasing operational efficiency and reducing NPSHr. The rear of the shaft is then supported in the PFA lined containment shell and reinforced by a metal support ring and carbon fibre cover.

The 2nd Key Factor to consider….

…If a seal-less plastic pump is truly heavy-duty is whether the impeller is built to last. Traditionally, an ETFE or PFA mag drive pump is fit with a separate impeller and inner magnet. But in applications of high pressure or temperature, the impeller can deform resulting in damage and reduced performance.

The AME pump constructed whereby the impeller and magnet capsule form as one piece which eliminates the possibility of the impeller loosening. For further operational stability and rigidity, a metallic structure embedded from the magnet capsule to the impeller blade further increasing the pump’s operational life.

This new process pump along with our new self-priming range will be on display on our stand E15 at the ChemUK exhibition in Harrogate on 1st and 2nd May, so please come and say hello if you’d like further information.


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