15th Jul 2020
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How long should a chemical pump last

How long should a chemical pump last?


Crest Pumps built with a design life of 25 years. However, how long a chemical pump should last vary considerably dependent upon the application it has been built for.

The 3 most important factors to consider are:

  1. Material compatibility of the pump components with the corrosive liquid being pumped.
  2. A well-designed pipework system that will maximise efficiency and prevent shutdowns.
  3. Regular preventive maintenance as per the manual to replace wearing parts.

Your chosen pump supplier should have the knowledge and experience to recommend material suitability.

A good pump supplier should be willing and able to help guide you and prevent common pump faults from occurring. And finally, regular maintenance planned with the aid of the pump’s manual, along with smart monitoring devices.


We are now Pump system Optimisation certified!

As manufacturers, we understand it’s difficult to find the time for proactive maintenance to make your systems run efficiently. You could be running your pump at the wrong point on a curve without realising, meaning unexpected breakdowns, expensive repairs and downtime could happen at any moment! Leaving you the problem of more to do and less time to do it!

As Certified Pump System Auditors we can help you reduce running and energy costs as well as make your pumps last longer. Efficiency = Reliability So get in touch now if you’d like to know about our site surveys!

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