24th Aug 2018
bespoke pumps

bespoke pumps

How to increase your pump efficiency with our UK built chemical pumps.

When selecting larger pumps for capacities over 100m3/hr there are many factors to take into consideration to ensure that you have the most efficient option. With an anticipated life of several years, it is obviously important to choose a pump that operates at, or very close to, its BEP which can result in significant savings in energy costs. It follows that the larger the input power to the pump then the larger the potential cost savings are.

All pump manufacturers produce their performance curves based on pumping water at ambient temperature. And the most efficient point on the curve is inevitably with the largest available impeller. With a moulded pump there is nothing a manufacturer can do to either change the best efficiency point (BEP).

However, with a pump that is bespoke manufactured from solid it is possible to ‘tailor make’ the pump altering the design of the impeller by increasing or decreasing the depth of the impeller vanes to achieve the most efficient option. Similarly, the pump casing can change to allow for any alterations to the impeller, the resultant alterations to a standard design ensures the customer has a pump operating at its BEP that can save thousands of pounds of energy costs over the lifetime of the pump.

Over the past few years Crest Pumps have made considerable investment in CNC machine tools so we are able to incorporate such design tweaks at no extra cost to the customer. It also means that, when the time comes to eventually order spare parts, all alterations to the design standard incorporated within the pump data so the customer is assured by a constantly efficient unit for years to come.

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