15th Jun 2016

The DEPA Series L stainless steel, Hygienic Diaphragm Pumps are suitable for chemical cleaning in place (CIP) or steam sterilisation in place (SIP). They are designed for transfer of abrasive, viscous or shear sensitive media, including products with entrained solids and require minimal maintenance. Because of the low shear, positive displacement pumping action, delicate products including entire chunks of fruit, vegetables and meat can be transported without damage. This gentle action also avoids excessive wear on pump internal components. These pumps use oil free air and require no oil or grease lubrication, so obviating any risk of product contamination by lubricants.

Incorporation of the widely used, threaded milk connections (DIN 11851) ensures that the pumps can be quickly and easily dismantled for visual inspection. Choice can be made from a variety of construction materials for the internal diaphragms and valve balls, to meet exact requirements.

The Series L range are manufactured in four sizes with connections: DIN 15 to DN50. The option of DIN 11851 Tri-clamp, SMS, is also available.


Clean In Place (CIP) and Sterilise in Place (SIP) standards are not uniform throughout the world, and our pumps were designed to take into account regional requirements.
Consequently, the Series L range is available in polished stainless steel 304 or 316L, with high-gloss clamp bands, and as a DH-UE version in a flanged construction design.
By using a large ball valve clearance, our pumps can handle media containing solids, such as pieces of fruit, meat or vegetable, without suffering damage.


Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pumps Datasheet

 Stainless Steel Hygienic Diaphragm Pumps Datasheet



Water treatment Pumping samples, dosing acids and alkalis for pH-control. Transfer of flocculent, suspensions, chemical reagents and sludges. The pumps are resistant to hydrochloric acid and ferric chloride, plus many others.

Paint, print and varnish industry Transfer of water – and solvent based paints, ink, varnish, glue, adhesives and solvents. Transfer, recirculation and blending of ink in printing industries.

Hygienic applications Transfer of food products like soup, cream, syrup, milk, yoghurt, flavours, spirit, chocolate, dough, creams, paste, perfumes and toothpaste. Service applications as spraying of cleaning liquid in CIP systems.

Mechanical industry Handling of oil, fats, lubricants, cooling liquids, washing and cleaning liquids, solvents and waste products etc.

Pulp and paper industry Transport of glue, sodium silicate, colour and titanium oxide etc. Bleaching products, sampling and waste water handling.

Chemical Industry Transfer of all kind of acids, alkalis, alcohol, solvents and shear sensitive products such as latex and emulsions, as well as chemical waste products.

Surface conditioning Transport of chemicals from storage tanks, containers and baths, for example in pickling, galvanization and degreasing. Handling of waste products.


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