18th Nov 2016


From our suppliers, Assoma, comes the AMX range of magnetic drive pumps, rapidly becoming the industry standard in safe pumping of corrosive and harsh applications.

In recent years, there has been a heightened awareness of environmental, safety and maintenance issues regarding pumping processes, particularly when it comes to fluid leakage and, for obvious reasons, chemical processing plants and wastewater facilities are of particular concern.

This is where the AMX range scores heavily with their seal-less magnetic drive. They are also highly efficient pumps and Crest is proud to be the only UK stockists of Assoma’s world-class product.

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When we worked with aerospace company, Rolls Royce, Crest identified AMX pumps as the right solution to their particular problem. The company needed to transfer chemicals from a tank to the production floor. The pump they were using was out-of-date, processing at low efficiency, and prone to leakage, causing disruption to the production line and costing time and money.

The AMX range is extremely safe and leak-free. It has a long service life, up to 70% operating efficiency, reducing operating costs and energy consumption. And it comes complete with a fully-patented run dry design, which means that these pumps can be run dry for up to two hours at a time, and a patented buffer system, designed to absorb vibrations and shock caused by adverse operating conditions.

Plus, our AMX range comes ex stock, meaning a speedy next day delivery, ensuring that processes are not disrupted.

Installing the AMX range for Rolls Royce solved its leakage problems and  improved energy efficiency on its process line by 22% annually compared with the previous pump.

Why not see if the AMX range works for your process? Remember, our No Obsolete Parts policy means that if you have a Crest pump for 40 years, we will still be able to provide you with parts and an exact replacement to minimise disruption to your production line.

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