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The PPS range of (Seal-less) Vertical Chemical Pumps is the number one choice in the industry for efficient, heavy duty and reliable pumps at a competitive price. The range is totally rigid and vibration free, capable of providing many years of trouble free service.

The PPS range has been built specifically to deal with chemical processing, effluent treatment, metal finishing, pollution control, corrosive liquid transfer and re-circulation.

The wetted parts are fully corrosion resistant being machined from solid plastics. The PPS range features suspension systems with integral stiffening bars to prevent longitudinal movement. A feature of the PPS range is the ability to adjust the impeller gap from above the mounting plate, without having to remove the pump from the sump or tank.

The stabilising PTFE and high alumina ceramic bearings are usually product lubricated, however, for liquids, which contain a high degree of solids or abrasives, external flushing lines can easily be fitted.

Max Capacity Rate: 250m³/hr (4166 l/m) Max Discharge Head: 48 meters Manufactured in our UK Plant

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Application terms mechanical seal vertical

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  • Capacity to 4166 l/m (150 m3/hr)
  • Head to 48 Meters
  • Heavy duty build
  • Machined from solid
  • Exceptionally rugged and robust
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Column length from 0.5m up to 4.5m


Rugged Design

The PPS range boasts a rugged design, capable of handling some of the most corrosive applications in the industry, including but not limited to, sulphuric, hydrochloric, nitric and hydrofluoric acids, along with various caustic applications and wastewater.

Choice of Impeller

The impeller on the PPS model can be either semi-open or fully enclosed depending upon the application; radical back-vanes machined on the impeller ensure a continuous and plentiful flow to lubricate the bottom slide bearings.

Short lead times

Crest pumps ensure an extremely quick turnaround time on our PPS range.

Minimal Maintenance

The PPS range of Plastic (Seal-less) Vertical Chemical Pumps have been designed to run efficiently and reliably to ensure minimal maintenance and maximum cost efficiency.

Up to 4.5 meters length

The PPS is flexible to your design requirements; the pump column can extend up to 4.5 meters, to ensure that the pump is optimal for your pipework.

Flexible to design requirements

Crest Pumps offer a totally flexible design specification, meaning a pump can be totally built to your business design requirements.
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