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AMA – ISO2858 mag drive process pumps – Magnetic Drive Pumps – Crest Pumps


Capacity 108m³/hr Head <60 Metres
Patented Run Dry Design ETFE Lined
Corrosion Resistance



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AMA Plastic Magnetic Drive Pump

The AMA range of magnetic drive pumps are designed to ISO2858 and ISO5199 standards. As an ETFE lined process pump, the AMA range can deal with high pressures and highly corrosive applications effectively, efficiently and reliably.

Reduced Life Cycle Cost

The patented run dry design helps protect your pump from a failure in the process. Most mechanically sealed pumps will fail when run dry, causing dangerous leakages and costly clean up bills as a result. However, the AMA mag drive pump can run dry for several hours alleviating process problems and avoiding damage to the pump when fitted with carbon ceramic internals.

The second patented design feature of the AMA range will increase the mean time between servicing, reducing overall maintenance costs of your process. Should the AMA pump be subjected to adverse operating conditions, vibration would normally reduce the life of the internal parts. However, with the dynamic buffer system acting as a shock absorber between the impeller and the casing, the pump is protected as a result, thus minimising wear and prolonging the pumps service life.



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