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Sahara Forest Project – AM & AMX Range

The Sahara Forest Project aims to provide fresh water, food and renewable energy in areas of uninhabited desert.

Sahara Forest Project facilities utilise a saltwater infrastructure through three core technological components: saltwater-cooled greenhouses, solar power installations and practices and technologies for revegetation of desert areas.

In the Sahara desert where there is precious little drinking water and even less crops and sustainable life, the Sahara Forest Project is working to change all of this. From desalinated seawater and concentrated solar power, they are able to produce drinking water and grow crops in previously uninhabited desert land. And whilst doing all of this, they are taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere to make the world a better place for us all.

Crest Pumps is incredibly proud to be involved with such a worthwhile project and have supplied a number of AM and AMX pumps for seawater at both plants in Qatar and Jordan.

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