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PSP1 Dry Run Protection Monitor

Running a centrifugal pump dry often causes severe damage resulting in expensive repairs and unexpected downtime.

The Crest PSP1 dry run pump monitor provides permanent protection against acid pumps running dry by electric monitoring – no intrusive probes are required, making the PSP1 ideal for use on pumps handling aggressive and corrosive liquids.

How does it work?

The PSP1 dry run pump monitor is connected directly to the drive motor cable. This connection constantly monitors the true power consumption of the drive motor and displays this as a percentage (% KW) When the pump runs dry, the motor load decreases, the relay operates and the PSP1 initiates an alarm and/or stops the pump.

Three phase electric motors of any current rating can be monitored; currents greater than 8 amps require an external current transformer.

The monitor is provided with an alarm setting which can be set to the normal working range of the chemical pump. The PSP1 is equipped with a delayed tripping function to eliminate spurious alarms caused by temporary variation in flow. It can also be connected to process PLC’s and data-logging systems.

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  • Prevents dry Running
  • No External Sensors
  • Reliable and Maintenance Free
  • Alternative Alarm Function
  • Easy to Install


PSP1 Datasheet

MSC SealPSP1 Datasheet

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