30th Jul 2020
pumping solids

Best options for pumping solids

What are the best options for pumping solids?

Whilst pumping solids can create greater complications with pump reliability and longevity. Fortunately, there are many options available to you. And If specified correctly, the correct installation should work reliably and effectively for many years. However, much depends upon size, concentration, abrasivity and compressibility of the solid in question.

For very small and low concentration of solids then it may be possible to use a standard centrifugal pump, particularly if utilising hard faced mechanical seals, but always check with the manufacturer.

Secondly, larger solids and higher concentrations a recessed impeller vortex pump will probably be a better option. This also gives a much bigger casing clearance and an open impeller cannot get clogged up. For very abrasive, a rubber lined centrifugal pump will likely be your best option.

The best pump for handling compressible solids could very well be a peristaltic (hose) pump. Running this at low speeds this will allow the solids to easily pass through the hose.

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