SVC – <1.5m Column Length. Flow<300m3/hr. Head<60m

SVC – <1.5m Column Length. Flow<300m3/hr. Head<60m


Capacity <300m³/hr
Head <60 Metres
Run Dry Design
0.3-1.5m Column Length
Solids Pumping Capabilities
Heavy Duty – Cantilever Shaft
316 Stainless Steel Construction


SVC Pump Range Datasheet
View ‘MVV Environment’ Case Study
2 Year Warranty
ATEX Zone 1 / 2 Certified
Low Pump Life Cycle Costs
Low Pump Life Cycle Costs
Corrosion Resistance
ETFE Lined Construction
ETFE Lined Construction

Product Description

SVC Metallic Vertical Immersible Pumps

The Crest range of SVC metallic vertical immersible pumps are built to be exceptionally resistant to harsh and corrosive applications, whilst manufactured to your exacting requirements.

Crest Pumps - manufactured in the UK

With column lengths from 300mm to 1500mm on a cantilever shaft without bearings or bushings, means complete reliability for your process as the pumps can be run dry without damage.


We can tailor the pump to your exact requirements for both new and replacement applications with varying options of column length, materials of construction, impeller types, mounting plate size and discharge pipe location. The SVC range will be suitable for many various applications as they can be mounted internally or externally, suitable for temperatures <500°C, and pump clean or solids laden liquids.

All Crest Pumps are suitable for applications across the globe. Please contact us with your location and motor requirements. We can then supply performance curves relative to your required speed and voltage.

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Technical Specification


A key feature of the SVC vertical pump range is the ability to pump liquids with temperatures up to <500°C and the ability to run dry without causing damage to the pump, due to no bearings or bushings being submerged.  


** For dimensions please see the ‘Dimensions’ tab.
For specific 3D CAD drawings or specific pump dimensions, please contact us at or telephone +44 (0)1425 627700.

  1. The total length and weight of the pump will differ depending on the brand of the motor.
  2. All dimensions are in mm.
  3. Assembly tolerances are +/- 3mm.