11th May 2022
Fume Scrubber

Selecting pumps for fume scrubber applications

Wet fume scrubbers are in use in several industries. As well as on board to remove pollutants from gas streams, but they provide some challenges to selecting suitable pumps. Depending on the scrubber liquor used it can go from acid to alkaline or vice versa. And can also collect dust and particulate from the gas stream. So, the pump needs to be capable to withstand all these conditions.

One effective solution is to use magnetic drive pumps so that the scrubber liquid is isolated from the environment. Though care must be taking in selecting suitable bearing material to deal with any particulates. Often, you can incorporate silicon carbide bearings rather than standard carbon and ceramic.

For liquids that are less environmentally sensitive a vertical sealless pumps can be the answer. Vertical pumps have the advantage of being mounted above the liquid sump so giving a smaller, space saving, footprint. Some designs are also able to run dry so providing extra protection to the overall system.

Larger installations you will need a mechanically sealed pump, so care must be taken not only in materials selection but also in choosing the correct mechanical seal. For less aggressive liquids a single internal seal may prove effective, and, for more corrosive liquids, an external PTFE seal is suitable. For a ‘belt and braces’ solution a double mechanical seal with an external pressurised flush may have to be used. This setup provides both corrosion resistance and the ability to handle higher concentrations of solids. With the correct instrumentation, a double seal can also provide protection against dry running. In all mechanical seal applications particular care needs to be taken when selecting face and seat materials, often hard silicon carbide faces will be offered.

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