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SS24 Sealing System

Many pumping applications demand a double pressurised mechanical seal arrangement due to the crystalline or abrasive nature of the liquid being handled.

For these duties, the SS24 sealing system is ideal, providing a safe and simple method for pressurising double seals. Acting as if a totally self-contained, the SS24 also provides protection for the pump against dry running which stops the pump breaking-down meaning no large repair bill for your business.

The SS24 sealing system has been designed to provide a solution to the problem of pressurised flushing of a double mechanical seal. Totally self-contained, the system is delivered complete with sight glass, pressure gauge, pressure switch and quick-fit nylon hose and coupling.

Operating on the thermo-syphon principle which does not require any external pumping equipment, the reservoir is pressurised to one to two bar above the maximum discharge pressure of the pump. A pressure switch is wired to the motor starter so that if, for any reason, the pressure in the seal pot drops below the required level the motor will be cut-out and, if required, an alarm signal sent.

SS24 Sealing System Datasheet

MSC SealSealing System Datasheet


  • Protection for Double seal
  • 8 Barg Pressure rating
  • Simple to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • Includes all gauges
  • Automatic Cut-Out

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