26th Aug 2014

The SVC range of Stainless Steel Vertical Cantilever Centrifugal Pump (s) are built to be exceptionally resistant to harsh and corrosive applications, whilst maintaining absolute flexibility to meet your business design requirements.

Without any submerged bearings or bushings, the SVC range can be installed and left as the pump requires barely any maintenance, keeping costs down to a minimum whilst allowing the pump to handle temperatures exceeding 500c and run totally dry without damage.

The SVC range is one of the most flexible pumps on the market. With a choice of bearings, seal types, impellers, column length and materials to ensure the SVC pump will fit existing pipework or be either internally or externally mounted.

Max Capacity Rate: 300m³/hr
Max Discharge Head: 60 meters
Highly Flexible Design

  • Capacity to 5000 l/m (300 m3/hr)
  • Head to 60 meters
  • Column length to 0.3 to 1.5 meters
  • Run dry capable
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Open/Closed/Vortex/Channel Impeller options
  • Flexible to design requirements
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Solid Pumping Capabilities
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Cantilever Shaft

Ability to pump up to 90% solid

The SVC range of Vertical Cantilever Centrifugal Pumps is able to pump solids up to 90% the size of the discharge port, an ideal feature when emptying wastewater sumps.

Total flexibility to design requirements

The SVC range is one of the most flexible pumps on the market, with absolute flexibility to your design requirements. For example; any length up to 1.5 meters, 4 different impeller types, 3 bearing types with or without plate, a choice between seals and a choice of materials.

Choice of Impellers

The impeller comes in 4 different options, Closed, open, vortex and channel.

Robust Design

The SVC range boasts an extremely robust design, capable of handling some of the most corrosive applications with high temperatures in the industry, including, acids, caustic applications and wastewater.

High Head/Flow

The SVC range has one of the largest available flow and head in our vertical range of chemical pumps.

Run Dry capabilities

Running dry is one of the biggest causes of failures to pumps in the industry. With Crest’s vertical range, the Patented Run-dry design will stop the pump failing when there is a problem in the production line, meaning less down time for your business.

Suction extension

The SVC range can fit a suction extension which allows for tanks to be emptied from 5 meters in depth.

18 Month Warranty

With our Vertical pumps we offer as standard, 18 months warranty as an assurance to your business that the pump is quality built.


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