2nd Aug 2018
flexible design

flexible design

Crest Pumps has the ability to supply specialist pumps at competitive prices on short lead times. This is particularly true of its range of vertical pumps which can be easily adapted to fit into customers’ installation constraints without compromising efficiency or delivery time. James Dashwood, MD of Crest Pumps, says “A typical example is when one of our customers specifically needed a pump capable of being able to run dry and have an immersion depth of 750 mm to replace another manufacturer’s pump that was continually failing. Normally our engineers would specify the CSS range, which is a cantilever shaft design and perfectly fits the application except that in this instance the customer had very limited headroom above his plant. Our solution was to manufacture a standard pump end but with a modified mounting plate that would fit exactly into the existing pipework. The problem of the lack of headroom was solved by mounting turning the motor 180 degrees and driving the pump by a V-belt.”

css pump

James added “Another example was a customer which needed a pump for plating tank recirculation to replace a foreign pump that was on a long lead time. We suggested our standard VSL pump with a modified mounting plate and shorter stem length that would exactly fit into the existing installation. We offer this as a standard pump to this customer on a lead time of 3-5 days.”  Manufactured in the UK by Crest Pumps, the CSS and VSL Plastic vertical pumps are proven to stand the test of time offering solid performance constantly throughout the pumps lifetime. And because of their run dry capability, minimise both operational costs and maintenance costs whilst keeping your process running efficiently and reliably. The vertical plastic pumps are available in a variety of materials including polypropylene, PVC, PVDF and 316 stainless steel. Find out more about our UK manufactured vertical pump range

vsl pump

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