19th May 2022
transfer pump what is it

A transfer pump is a general term for a pump that’s sole purpose is to move liquid from one place to another. Such as from a bulk storage tank to a day storage tank.

They can take many forms depending upon the liquid to be transferred and the discharge pressure required. However, the most common form of transfer pump is centrifugal that can be sized according to the application. Often the capacity of the pump is not critical. As it simply needs to move liquid and the time it takes is usually not very important. It should be noted that the discharge pressure may vary. Especially if filling a tank from a bottom entry position, and as the tank fills the system head will increase causing the flow rate to drop slightly.

Things to bear in mind when specifying a transfer pump… The materials the pump is constructed from needs to be resistant to the liquid, and suitable for the temperature, viscosity, density, etc.

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