11th Jun 2015


When a process system fails for any reason, it can affect your bottom line. Not from having to spend money on spare parts, but more importantly, if that pump is not repaired quickly, production can halt, customers can become agitated and costs can spiral.


That’s why it’s extremely important to utilise a pump supplier that is capable of ensuring your process against future failures with large stock holdings and next day delivery.

Based on research conducted by Grundfos in the US, repairs and spares now account for 25% of the total pump lifecycle costs. This is the largest factor behind energy costs.

The spares and maintenance percentage includes losses from downtime and the initial spares costs. Money can easily be saved from losses due to downtime from waiting on spares but also the maintenance time in which a company has fork out on to constantly replace parts creating a never ending cycle.

Crest Pumps offer an alternative to this cycle:

A prominent Anaerobic Digestion company in Ireland unfortunately developed a process fault in one of the chemical pasteurisation sections of their process, causing a prolonged dry run of an AMA magnetic drive pump, resulting in excessive heat build-up inside the pump and causing it to fail.

It was vital to this company to get the process back up and running to prevent the waste collection and pre-treatment from being held up. But more importantly to resume the combined heat and power renewable electricity generation to the EirGrid (Irelands National Grid).

As the incident happened on a Friday, the fault needed to be fixed over the weekend. The company immediately got on the phone to Crest Pumps and ordered a set of replacement parts for the pump. Due to our large stock holding, Crest were able to send out all spares for a before 12 Saturday am delivery ensuring the Anaerobic digestion plant would be back up and running for Monday morning.

This is not the only time our large stock holding has helped a company overcome process faults. TAB batteries in Slovenia encountered the same problem when damaging two of their pumps.

The company contacted Crest for an urgent set of spare parts for the AMX pumps, to which Crest Pumps were able to send out replacements the same day to Slovenia.

Crest Pumps ensure your process with our large stock holding and our ability to ensure your process is back up and running as soon as feasibly possible. It’s our top level of customer service which is why 94% of customers are totally satisfied with our service and would use Crest Pumps again.

If your system develops a fault and you need spares urgently, lean on Crest Pumps.


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