29th Sep 2016
Why use a mag drive pump

Why use a mag drive pump

Mag Drive Pumps

Magnetically driven (mag drive) pumps have proved invaluable in many applications from chemical manufacturing to effluent disposal; brewing to renewable energy, and the trustworthiness of these mag drive pumps is a guarantee that their use will continue to grow.  Though not an entirely new concept – magnetic drive pumps have been around for a number of years, Crest Assoma mag drive pumps are on a path of continuous improvement with constant R&D looking for new ways to increase efficiency and reliability, whilst reducing running costs and downtime.

Years ago, most pump shafts were sealed using rings of soft packing, compressed by a packing gland, but this type of shaft seal required a fair amount of leakage just to lubricate the packing and keep it cool. Then came the mechanical seal, which creates a seal with two very flat surfaces (one stationary and one rotating). But mechanical seal faces still require some leakage across the faces in order to form a hydrodynamic film. This normally evaporates and is not noticeable and in certain applications, for example where solids are involved, mechanically sealed pumps are still the best option. But for applications where the liquid is highly corrosive, toxic and/or expensive, where safety and cost efficiency are paramount, a magnetic drive pump is the best option because it is seal-less, and this means zero risk of leakage.

The benefits at a glance of our Mag Drive range of pumps:

ama 2


Thrives in high temperatures, high pressure and highly corrosive applications, with temperatures up to 150°C and ISO2858, ISO3661, ISO2084 and ISO5199 certified.

The AMA has a patented run-dry design which will stop the pump failing if there is a problem in the process and has up to a 70% operating efficiency.

The patented dynamic buffer system absorbs vibration and shock caused from adverse operating conditions, increasing the mean time between servicing and reducing overall maintenance costs.

High temperature resistance means the AMA range can pump all different types of corrosive applications with ease, the AMA is also sealless and therefor Leak Free!




Built to cope with the harshest of operating conditions and constructed from PFA & SSiC. It can handle temperatures up to 150°C and is ISO2858 and ISO3661 certified.

With a patented Run-Dry design, and up to an 80% operating efficiency. High temperature resistance also means the AME range can pump a wide variety of corrosive applications with ease up to <150c.

Designed to balance radial force, reduce bearing load which also reduces the noise level ensuring a quieter, better working environment, as well as being seal-less so leak free!




The AM magnetic drive pump is designed for exceptional efficiency when dealing with the most corrosive and acidic chemicals. Temperatures up to 110°C and ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified.

The AM range comes in a choice of Polypropylene, PVDF or ETFE to increase the pump’s life.

As well as operating at up to a 70% efficiency, it also has impeller diameter flexibility, where it can be trimmed to the exact duty for the best efficiency at no extra cost.

This small mag drive pump is a popular product within the chemical industry because of its flexibility & robust nature against corrosive operations, and again is a seal-less pump meaning leak free!


amx new


Our AMX mag drive has a high 70% operating efficiency, built to withstand tough conditions, high temperatures up to 110°C, high pressures and highly corrosive applications. It is also ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

The patented run-dry design will stop the pump failing if there is a problem in the process, again as the AM has an impeller diameter flexibility. Available in Polypropylene, PDVF & ETFE. Seal-less = leak free!




The AMXi is built to a high quality and manufactured to withstand tough conditions of both high and low temperatures (not susceptible to frost damage), high pressures and formidable corrosive applications.

It can handle temperatures up to 110°C, ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified. Like the other Mag drives it has an patented run dry design.

The AMXi has up to a 70% operating efficiency, and has impeller diameter flexibility.

High temperature resistance means it can pump a wide variety of different corrosive and caustic application with ease and speed. A seal-less pump meaning LEAK FREE!

And the metallic outer-casing ensures the pump can withstand the elements, lined with extremely corrosion resistant ETFE. Ensuring a quality build, that increases the service life of the pump




The AVF is the first-of-its-kind, a canned motor pump delivering the highest efficiency on the market. It’s reduced size, reduced power consumption and reduced risk is also offered with the AVF eal-less canned motor design.

Running to temperatures up to 100°C, ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified and with a run dry design.

Up to a 70% operating efficiency, and motor efficiency is increased by up to 20% and power consumption reduced by 50% or more.

Available with Impeller diameter flexibility and is seal-less and therefore leak free!


Using magnets to create a balanced magnetic field to create the rotation of the impeller, these seal-less mag drive pumps eliminate the need for a direct drive mechanism as the magnetic field replaces it. The two parts of the process are exactly that – two parts – and so as the shaft of the motor doesn’t enter the inside of the pump there is no need for a shaft seal and the risk of leakage is eliminated.

At Crest…

…we have built up a wealth of experience using mag drive pumps and we consider it a first choice for your chemical application. Built using a range of plastics to resist a range of chemical liquids, our pumps can withstand highly corrosive applications, high temperatures and high pressures.

The seal-less pumps are a boon to the local environment; eliminate the need to clean up spills; and maintenance costs are much reduced due to the absence of a shaft seal to maintain. The full carbon/ceramic magnetic drive range is also engineered with run dry protection, allowing it to run for up to eight hours without damage.

Why not take a look at our full range of plastic magnetic drive pumps.

Plastic mag drive pump

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