16th Jun 2022

Agrivert lowered long term energy costs by £5100 over a 5 year period by choosing Crest Pumps. 


Agrivert are one of the UK leaders in providing sustainable and cost effective organic waste to energy management solutions. Most commonly providing anaerobic digestion and in-vessel composting. 

 Agrivert were constructing a new Anaerobic Digestion and food recycling plant in Oxfordshire and needed a range of durable pumps than could process chemicals sumps into the digestion tanks after the pasteurisation process.

After the chemicals are pumped into the digestion tanks this is then converted into biogas, methane or a fertilizer. Whilst also providing enough electricity to power 4000 homes in the local area.

Crest Pumps supplied 4 ECC/B mechanical seal pumps with a mechanical seal recommended by Crest to suit potential solids that were likely to be found in the sump. The ECC/B heavy duty pumps were also chosen due to their robust nature and longevity. 

Most importantly, compared to the nearest competitor, the ECC/B pumps use less energy as a result of the lower power absorbed. Over a 5 year period, each pump will save a considerable £5100.00 thanks to the lower motor used. *Compared to competitor quoted 15kW motor with the same duty required. By reducing energy consumption this pump is good news for reducing operating cost as well as making the pump more eco-friendly.

As a result of choosing Crest Pumps, Agrivert have lowered long term energy costs with the ECC/B range whilst maintaining absolute safety and efficiency when pumping the hydrochloric acid mix. 


Company Agrivert
Industry Waste to Energy
Application Acid Chemical Mix
Capacity 50 m3/hr
Discharge Head 25 meters
Viscosity 1 cP
Model Supplied ECC/B 80-65-160
Material Polypropylene
Speciality Anaerobic Digestion Plant


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