17th Jun 2022

Centrica achieved 20 years of durable and consistent processing of hydrochloric acid into their energy plant thanks to Crest Pumps and the PPC40D custom built vertical pump.  


Centrica, owner of British Gas, is the largest energy supplier in the UK supplying electricity and gas to consumers both domestic and industrial.

Back in 1993, Crest Pumps were approached by Peterborough Power Ltd to quote for and supply chemical process pumps that would be ‘fit and forgot’ in the newly built gas/oil fired turbine power station. The power station would supply over 367MW’s of power to the national grid.

Crest Pumps supplied the customer built vertical thermoplastic PPC40D’s as part of the initial plant built. The pumps were built to meet the design specifications of the effluent sump being pumped from, which included extending the column length to 4.5 meters and specifically designing the baseplate to fit within the design construction. 

The vertical pump was built with integral stiffening bars to ensure a long life for the pump and was installed with minimal hassle.

As a result of the total corrosion resistant nature of the PPC40D, the pump has lasted over 20 years in operation with minimal maintenance and servicing whilst ensuring total corrosion resistance and longevity.

By choosing Crest Pumps, Peterborough power station (now Centrica) chose a partner that is reliable and durable. Their process was covered by Crest and they continue to take advantage of our ‘No Obsolete Parts’ Policy.


Company Centrica 
Original Order 01/11/93
Application Effluent Process
Capacity 110m3/hr
Discharge Head 20 meters
Viscosity 1 cP (some Solids)
Model Supplied 10x PPC equivalent to PPS
Material Thermoplastic Polypropylene


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