16th Jun 2022

Fernbrook Bio leads the industry for small to medium sized businesses looking to utilise anaerobic digestion solutions for fertiliser. Based in the UK, Fernbrook Bio delivers energy to the local National Grid. 


Fernbrook Bio were setting up the Rothwell Lodge Farm waste to energy facility and were looking for a provider of biofuel pumps that could process sulphuric acid to the digestion tanks. They were also looking for another pump to process effluent water and the remaining sulphuric acid out of the digestion tank into a cleaning facility, where it could then be used in the process, contributing to a more sound ecological process.


Crest Pumps recommended and supplied the ECC/B mechanical seal pump to the sulphuric acid to the digestion tanks. The ECC/B was chosen for the process due to its ultimate corrosion resistance and past examples of reliability and longevity in harsh environments.


Most importantly, to meet the construction deadline date, the pumps needed to be delivered within a week of the order date. The pumps were all built to order and the order was processed within 3 days. They were shipping using next day delivery, leaving 2 days spare. Crest Pump were able to contribute to an efficient and cost effective solution with minimal down time. 



Company Fernbrook Bio
Industry Waste to Energy
Application Acid Chemical Mix
Capacity 50 m3/hr
Discharge Head 25 meters
Viscosity 1 cP
Model Supplied ECC/B 80-65-160
Material Polypropylene

Anaerobic Digestion Plant


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