16th Jun 2022

17 Years of service!! Crest’s Custom ECC 80-50-250 Pump Scrubs Fumes From Fibercore’s Optical Fiber Manufacturing Line.


Fibercore was formed in 1982 as a business venture from the world-renowned Optical Fiber Group of the University of Southampton, with a plan to comercially offer the speciality optical fibers developed at the University.

Over the last 30 years, Fibercore have supplied applications throughout more than 50 countries including fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs), hydrophones, lasers, amplifiers (EDFAs) and so much more! With their focus firmly on the future, the recent expansion on their development team and the introduction of new photonics engineers enables them to continue their commitment to supplying world class optical fiber to the specialist fiber industry for years to come.

Towards the very start of the process, the glass used to make the optical fiber, is super-heated, while at the same time a series of chemicals are injected into the air around the tube to infuse them with the glass. The waste gases are then removed into a Fume Scrubber, where Crest’s ECC pump, recirculates a mixture of Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Hypochlorite, Sodium Chloride and Sodium Fluoride to neutralise the gases so they can be safely disposed of. This unique cocktail of chemicals poses a significant challenge to the pump’s life. However, Crest have since modified the pump to have certain vulnerable sections made from PVDF while the rest of the pump is still made from solid polypropylene to provide a cost-effective solution Since it was installed 17 years ago, the ECC 80-50-250 continues to support Fibercore at their plant in Southampton University Parkway.


INDUSTRY: Optical Fiber Manufacturing

APPLICATION: Fume Scrubber
LIQUID: Sodium Effluent *

1 PUMP MODEL: ECC 80-50-250

Polyprop / PVDF

MOTOR: 18.5kW

fibercore-1        fibercore-2-scaled   

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