17th Jun 2022

General Electric is the 4th largest conglomerate in the world, having operations in many industries including aviation, power, water and transportation.

Crest first supplied pumps to GE in 1994, with 3 of Crest’s UK manufactured ECC/B chemical pumps for its aviation business. These pumps were initially used for a chemical based solution as part of a metal treatment process.

In 2003, GE approached Crest Pumps again to provide it with pumps that could empty, and recirculate, a corrosive chemical solution for an energy plant based in Hong Kong. Crest supplied 3 VSL vertical pumps; the VSL range are able to run dry, whilst handling the harshest of applications. The pumps were custom built to fit into the existing pipework and mounted externally from the tank. The flexibility of the design allowed GE to have these pumps in operation quickly, alleviating downtime and maximising efficiency.

Crest Pumps, in 2009, supplied a range of AMX pumps for a fume scrubbing application for GE International, a more diverse sector or GE’s business that supplies industrial products. The pumps were required to operate with a high efficiency and a relatively high flow rate, without the risk of leakage. The AMX’s build and design was selected as the most appropriate pump for this operation and was able to provide a consistent and reliable solution. 


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