17th Jun 2022

MotherCat Nigeria were responsible for building and sourcing equipment for the Zaria Water Supply Expansion and Sanitation Project. The aim was to provide clean, drinkable water to extra parts of Zaria, that hadn’t previously benefited from.

The water supply expansion project required vertical chemical pumps that were seal-less and therefore leak-free with an extendable column length to 3.5m.

The set of PPS vertical pumps featured a suspension systems with integral stiffening bars to prevent longitudinal movement, whilst providing the ability to adjust the impeller gap from above the mounting plate, without having to remove the pump from the sump or tank.

A requirement of the production was that the pumps would need to be able to support a large flow, and high pressures, which the PPS was designed for.

Crest also supplied MotherCat with a spares kit to allow for any maintenance in the future.  

IMG 0379i-160x300-2 (1)

Company MotherCat Nigera
Industry Water Supply
Application Various Chemicals – Lime Solutions – potable wash water
Capacity 43.2 m3/hr
Discharge Head 11 meters
Viscosity 1 cP
Model Supplied 2 x PPS 125-100-200
Material Polypropylene
Speciality Would need to be exported to new water facility in Nigeria.


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