17th Jun 2022

Agrivert lowered long term energy costs by £5100 over a 5 year period by choosing Crest Pumps. 


NOV is a worldwide supplier of equipment and oil and gas drilling and production management. They are based in the US with operations in Europe and the Middle East.

NOV were working with Statoil in the Oseberg Oil field off the coast of Norway. NOV were supplying the drilling ad production pipework for Statoil’s connection to the Oseberg Transport System to the Sture terminal in Norway.

As part of the drilling and production pipework, NOV needed a corrosion resistant vertical pump that could be customised to fit into a compact area without hindering process requirements.

Crest Pumps built a range of SVB vertical pumps with extended column lengths and unique baseplate designs. 

The 6 SVB pumps were shipped to the oil rig and installed with minimal disruption to operations. 

As a result of choosing Crest Pumps, NOV and Statoil have installed a vertical pumps that adheres to our ‘fit and forget policy’. This means that as soon as the pump is fitted, the follow up maintenance and operational downtime is minimal.

As a result of the pumps reduced motor size, energy efficiency has been maximised, whilst environmental impact and overheads have been reduced.

The pumps have been fully operational since 2009 and continue to perform optimally within a hazardous environment. 


Company NOV Norway 
Original Order 03/08/2009
Application Acidic Water
Capacity 142 m3/hr
Discharge Head 18 meters
Viscosity 1 cP (some Solids)
Model Supplied 6 x SVB


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