16th Jun 2022

Custom built CSS pump for UK hazardous waste treatment plant.


“I have dealt with crest for the last 12 years and have always had good products and the staff are very helpful on technical issues”


Tradebe own and operate one of the two commercial High Temperature Incinerators for industrial waste in the UK (Fawley).

High Temperature Incineration provides the highest level of secure and reliable disposal for hazardous organic wastes. The plant at Fawley complies with all European legal and environmental requirements and is a cost effective means of securely disposing of customers combustible waste. Running at high temperatures means Tradebe can guarantee the destruction of the hazardous or sensitive nature of the waste converting it into ashes and filter cakes with a typical volume reduction factor of 80%.

Crest Pumps provided a CSS35 specially built with the motor on a belt drive to create the smallest possible footprint in order for it to be installed in a difficult tight space underneath a road.

The CSS35 is capable of pumping wastewater combined with hydrochloric acid at a duty of 30m3/hr at 20m head and has proven to be the perfect pump for the job for Tradebe.

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