Ferrier Pumps – CSP Range

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Project Description

Leak free Guarantee! Crest Pumps manufacture 5 CSP-AMX220-FGACV-GG units to suit Ferrier Pump’s unique application!

Ferrier Pumps has been in operation since 1981 and has been working with Crest for the last 20 years. We have gotten to know them well as a company that has a wealth of experience and shares our dedication to customer service and satisfaction. They approach each application with a no-nonsense attitude and take great pride in doing the best job they can, whatever the circumstances, and we enjoy working openly with them to fulfil their customers requirements.

Earlier this year, Ferrier approached us with an application for the MOD, working through Babcock International. The application itself was quite straightforward but the regulations surrounding the application make a guaranteed leak free environment essential to the operation. We manufactured our CSP range to suit this requirement by machining the casings out of solid polypropylene and driving the pump with our Mag Drive technology. The result is the quality product you see above. It can create a suction life of <4 Metres and has the same leak free characteristics as our popular ASSOMA Mag Drives.

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