Pumps and Gearboxes – SHL Range

Pumps and Gearboxes – SHL Range 2020-09-02T13:32:39+01:00

Project Description

“Expensive and regular repairs” Crest supplied their SHL Pumps to replace an oversized, cavitating pump and save the client thousands!

Pumps & Gearboxes have been serving the West Yorkshire area since 1999. Starting out, they specialised in Positive Displacement Pumps from companies such as Wilden and Boyser, and have expanded their range to include chemical resistant pumps from ourselves. Crest have been with Pumps & Gearboxes on their journey for the last 11 years and assist each other with the supply, design, repair and service of all types of pumps.

Pumps & Gearboxes came to us in 2015 with a customer of theirs experiencing issues with their existing pump. It needed expensive and regular repairs, and Pumps & Gearboxes were asked to come to site to assess. It was quickly discovered that the pump was oversized and experiencing cavitation. They worked alongside Crest to calculate the correct discharge head required and selected a more suitably sized pump. The new SH; pump is operating efficiently on curve and performs the duty well. There are no issues with the pump on site and in fact further pumps have been ordered for similar processes.

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