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Adler Allan – AM Range

Adler and Allan LTD is a national oil industry and environmental services company. Their main duties are spill response, fuel services, water cleansing, tan installation, waste management and interceptor services. 

Adler and Allan contacted us with an emergency. They needed to replace their current pump at one of their current site locations in Kent, the pump would need to be delivered in a maximum of two days as to not slow down the production line. Adler and Allan placed their order with Crest Pumps because they knew that with our large amount of stock, we would be able to deliver in the reduced time frame.

Crest delivered the AM30 with a polypropylene casing in two days, proving that once again, a company had made the right choice choosing Crest for an efficient and reliable pump with a speedy turn-around time. This saved Adler and Allan time, money and resources. 


Company Adler and Allan LTD
Enquiry Date 15/02/13
Order Placed 15/02/13
Delivery Date 18/02/13
Application Hydrogen Peroxide
Capacity 10m3/hr
Discharge Head 5 meters
Viscosity 1 cP
Model Supplied AM30-TRV



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