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Veolia Environmental have taken full advantage of the Crest ‘No Obsolete Parts Policy’ since 1998 and continue to receive specialised chemical pumps.

Veolia Environmental Case Study

Veolia were building an extension to their London heat and energy recovery plant in co-operation with Selchp. The plant is primarily used for waste management for the south London area, helping increase the environmental sustainability of the area.

Veolia needed a reliable and long lasting pump that would fit the specifics of the plant design whilst maintaining total corrosion resistance with thermoplastic materials.

Crest Pumps built a set of PPC20D centrifugal pumps to meet the flow and head requirements of the newly constructed plant – whilst ensuring the pumps had full corrosion resistance against the 50% sodium hydroxide being pumped.

Since then, the PPC20D has been discontinued for the newer ECC models – however due to our ‘No Obsolete Parts’ Guarantee, we have been able to provide exact replacements for Veolia over 4 times since the original order ensuring that Veolia’s process remains reliable and efficient reducing any unnecessary costs of replacement and pipework.

As a result of choosing Crest Pumps, Veolia were able to find a reliable process partner who were able to build their uniquely built pump time and time again thanks to our ‘No Obsolete Parts’ policy, saving time, money and effort.

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Veolia Environmental Case Study Custom Design Spec

Veolia Environmental Case Study -Guarantee no obsolete parts policy

Veolia Environmental Case Study - total corrosian resistance

Veolia Environmental Case Study - minimal maintenance

Veolia Environmental Case Study - on site technical visit

Company Veolia Water
Industry Wastewater
Application 50% hydrochloric acid
Capacity 16 m3/hr
Discharge Head 27 meters
Viscosity 1 cP
Model Supplied
Material Polypropylene
Speciality  Specialty build


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