21st Nov 2014
mag drive pump

mag drive pump

Crest Pumps is proud to extend our range of Plastic Mag Drive Pumps featuring absolute corrosion resistance on the outer casing as well as the inner lining.


The outer casing is now available in polypropylene  as well as the standard Cast Iron material.

The new polypropylene casing allows flows up to 51 m3/hr and heads up to 35 metres and is built to combat  toxic, corrosive and aggressive chemicals used in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Water, Waste water, fume scrubbing and effluent treatment industries.

The baseplate is now also available in polypropylene, to ensure you and your business that Crest pumps are fully corrosion resistant.

Just ask our engineers about polypropylene baseplates materials on our Mag Drive Range for more information!

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