AVF – Flow<750 l/m. Head<28m

Plastic Magnetic Drive Pump

AVF – Flow<750 l/m. Head<28m


Capacity <800 L/MIN
Head <35 Metres
Patented Run Dry Technology
Polypropylene / EFTE Construction
Total Corrosion Resistance
High Operating Efficiency
Low Noise
AVF Pump Range Datasheet
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2 Year Warranty
ATEX Zone 1 / 2 Certified
ISO 2858, 5199, 2084, 3661
Patented Buffer System
Corrosion Resistance
Low Pump Life Cycle Costs
Corrosion Resistance

Product Description

AVF Plastic Magnetic Drive Pump

The new AVF canned Magnetic drive pump leads the way in high efficiency, low energy pumping. As industry has looked to reduce its carbon footprint, the use of inverters to control the speed of the process pumps has become common practice.

The issue however, is that induction motors are bulky and low in efficiency from their very design. When an Inverter is added to control the pump, the overall system efficiency is further reduced, diminishing the effectiveness of energy consumption.

The AVF range are specifically developed to help users achieve their energy conservation and carbon reduction goals. Through in depth hydraulic, rotor, electrical and magnetic analysis, Crest are able to offer a seal-less permanent magnet canned motor structure to yield the highest efficiency pump possible, equivalent to IE4 ratings.

Because the AVF range uses a permanent magnet rotor and there is no induced current compared to an induction motor, efficiency is increased by up to 20% and power consumption reduced by 50% or more.

Reduced size, reduced power consumption and reduced risk are all features of the AVF sealless canned motor design, as the motor stator provides direct drive to the pump’s rotor. Not only does this increase the overall efficiency of the pump, but also a reduced overall size and weight.

Run Dry Protection

The patented run dry technology built into the AVF range helps protect from damage when there is a failure in the process. Most mechanically sealed pumps will fail when run dry, causing dangerous leakages and costly clean up bills as a result. But when the AVF range is fitted with a ceramic shaft and carbon bearing, the patented pressure distribution and circulation path allows for rapid dissipation of the heat build up caused from running dry, thus preventing damage to the pump.


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Technical Specification

Model Capacity (L/min) Head (m) Max Motor Output (kW) Rated Current 220V (A) Rated Current 380V (A) Speed (rpm) Ingress Protection
AVF 221 10-80 6-21 1.1 3.8 2.2 1500-3000 IP66
AVF 441 20-300 5-21 1.1 3.8 2.2 1500-3000 IP66
AVF 543 / 553 40-450 8-31 2.2 7.3 4.2 1500-3000 IP66
AVF 653 60-600 4-22 2.2 7.3 4.2 1500-3000 IP66
AVF 545 60-500 8-31 4 13 7.5 1500-3000 IP66
AVF 555 60-500 8-31 4 13 7.5 1500-3000 IP66
AVF 655 80-750 7-28 4 13 7.5 1500-3000 IP66


Pump curves for the magnetic drive AMX-GG ranges.


The AVF uses a permanent magnet rotor, meaning there is no induced current. Efficiency is therefore increased by <20% and electricity consumption reduced by 50% on average compared to an induction motor. Because the AVF range is a fan less design, both heat and noise are significantly reduced compared to traditional mag drive pumps. of power under the same hydraulic power output.


Exploded View

  1. Corrosion Resistance – The plastic bracket of the AVF pump can be used in a corrosive environment and will not be affected by chemicals that may come into contact with the bracket during operation.
  2. Seal-less Canned Design – The AVF is constructed using a seal-less canned design, with the motor’s stator providing the direct drive to the pump’s rotor. This eliminates the need for a coupling interface, thus greatly reducing the axial dimension and weight of the pumps.
  1. Pressure – The pump’s rear containment shell is sheathed directly into the motor’s stator yoke, and can withstand pressures of up to 16 bar.

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Laboratory tests carried out to show the greater efficiency of the AVF per magnet with synchronised motor, compared to the traditional induction motor.


In our tests, we compared the AVF-555 pump at 2850 RPM with a magnetic drive seal-less pump of similar specifications coupled with an induction motor.
The result was a 5% higher overall efficiency with the AVF pump, saving 0.2 to 3 kW of power under the same hydraulic power output.
But the real cost saving comes when the pump is used for a duty below the rated speed. Because an AC motor with inverter becomes very inefficient at lower speeds, the input power greatly increases when compared to the AVF shaft power.

Parts List & Material Construction

Material Code Part Available Material QTY
101 Pump Casing PP + GF / ETFE + CF 1
161 Thrust Ring 995 AI₂O₃/SSiC 1
161 Containment Shell PP + GF / ETFE + CF 1
181 Bracket PP + GF 1
211 Shaft 995 AI₂O₃/SSiC 1
220 Front Support, Shaft ETFE + CF 1
230 Front Wearing Carbon / SSiC / PTFE With Filler 1
230 Impeller PP + GF / ETFE + CF 1
310 Bearing 995 AI O / SSiC / Carbon / PTFE With Filler 1
319 Front Thrust Ring 995 AI₂O₃/SSiC 1
319 Front Buffer ETFE 1
403 Gasket EPDM / Viton 1
403.0 Packing EPDM / Viton 1
725.01 Inlet Flange Adapter PP + GF / ETFE + CF 1
725.02 Outlet Flange Adapter PP + GF / ETFE + CF 1
811/2 Motor Housing / Rear Frame Aluminium 356 1
847 Magnet Capsule PP / ETFE, ND-FE-B 1
F21/31 Slide Bearing PP / ETFE, ND-FE-B 1
RG## O Ring EPDM / Viton 1