23rd Nov 2021

Find your chemical pump solution now!

Pump failure creates the wrong kind of pressure! Here at Crest Pumps, you can trust us for reliable and corrosion resistant chemical pumps. Plus, lifetime support for every pump!

What does lifetime support mean? Well, no matter how old your pump becomes, in the un-likely scenario you have a problem our engineers will be on hand to diagnose the issue. And help you get up and running again. Plus, did you know about our no obsolete parts policy? Well even if you bought one of our pumps 50 years ago, we promise to maintain the supply of every part for every pump we’ve every manufactured. We can replace it and often able to deliver it the very next day!

We are always on the other end of the phone or ready to help you with a site visit. However, if you do want a rough idea of which chemical pump would suit your need then head to our homepage. Then follow the simple flow chart to find the best pump for you. We have a wide range of chemical pumps to find the best fit for you. And the best part is we manufacture in house which means quicker lead times for you, and we can tailor to your exact specification.

Talk to us today about a chemical pump for you 

Talk to us today about a chemical pump for you. 

As always we would be delighted to help with any application you may have and give any chemical pump advice you need. With over 45 years of technical knowledge behind our team please talk to us today on 01425 627700 or email us on [email protected].

We help engineers reduce the costs of energy and unplanned downtime by producing highly efficient and reliable chemical resistant pumps that last a lifetime.


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